About Us

About Kitchener Waterloo & Area Employers:

We actively promote our site to recent graduates, college students and university students.  We promote the Job Market industry to students and graduates expecting top grades.  We want to make KW Job Board the first port of call for graduates looking for their first role in the Job Market Industry.

Graduates are looking for one place to see the vacancies in the format that they use, e.g. mobile and tablet devices, which our site offers.  It is no longer enough to only advertise in the printed press.  A recent Gov survey showed that 29% of 18-24 year old haven’t read a paper all year and that figure falls to 17% in the 25-35 year old bracket.

About Job Market Candidates:

Recruitment for graduate jobs begins annually in September after graduates receive their grades.  Companies which recruit graduates into jobs with structured training programs, advertise a year in advance, e.g. from September for jobs starting the following summer.  Closing dates for these vacancies can be as early as November.  Smaller and medium sized organizations often only recruit when they have a vacancy. These ‘immediate vacancies’ arise throughout the year.

Over 50% of graduate vacancies are open to graduates of any subject. Employers who recruit to these, focus more on graduate skills than degree subjects, so there may be more choices than you think.  Few graduate employers specifically ask for a Masters Degree, but do welcome applications from postgraduate students.

Applicants are not restricted to applying for jobs that ask for a graduate. Use experience gained through courses and any paid or voluntary employment to show how you meet job requirements.  In job sectors where entry is competitive, it is common to gain experience in an assistant or non-graduate level role before progressing.

We want to make KW Job Board the first port of call to see who is advertising within the Waterloo Region Job Market Sector.

Why choose KW Job Board?

  • We have designed this site to be clear and user friendly.
  • We are a fully mobile responsive website so that candidates can browse at ease on their phone,
    computer or tablet device.
  • We actively attract candidates with Job experience, so your adverts target those niche individuals.
  • We attract both passive and active job seekers, through our talent attraction methodology.
  • This is another opportunity to promote your company with ads, that have your logo on it if you wish.
  • We can also email relevant news and press releases for you to candidates via our system.
  • Set qualifying questions to screen out unsuitable candidates, saving you time.
  • Candidates who are dedicated to their jobs rarely have time to register at recruitment agencies during the day
    and when they do they are often closed when they are free.
  • Using our site makes it easier for candidates to apply whatever the time of day.
  • Our site and your ads are available to candidates 24/7.
  • Extremely competitive fees, compared to other recruitment advertising e.g. printed press.
  • Candidates can apply for roles by using our integrated LinkedIn application tool.

About Us at KW Job Board.

What’s our vision for KW Job Board? To provide the best end user experience for Hiring Companies and Job Candidates  looking to network with each other; to match the Job Requirements with the Resumes of suitable Candidates. The KW Job Board in Ontario is primarily in the Waterloo Region and Companies from Toronto to Ottawa recruit from the Waterloo Universities. Please Contact Us with your Constructive Feedback. Thank you in advance.

  • How did we get started? In 2001 we began by increasing Restaurants annual sale by 25% within one year of helping them. Three years later we were one of the top 3 sellers of Refurbished Computers. Then competing in Cell Phone Industry we achieved number one ranking on Google for the key words “Unlimited Cell Phone Plans” and the like after 6 months of work and maintained that Top Ranking for the niche market for 3 years after the initial 6 month effort. SEO, Website Design and Web Business Development truly are our passion.
  • Where did we get the idea for our business? That “aha” moment, when we realized we might be able to turn that passion, dream and drive into a viable business solution and something we hoped our customers would absolutely love. We always aim to create viable online communities in our products and services.
  • What’s the story behind our products? How are they made? Designed? We give you a peek behind the curtain so you can get a true sense of the craftsmanship that’s involved in bringing our creations to life. That content can be incredibly powerful in helping to differentiate between the big box websites and the personal feeling of our user friendly business communities.
  • Where do we look for our creative inspiration? Travel? Nature? Music? Family? Friends? These are where we have a chance to form more of a personal connection with our audience by sharing a little bit about our creative process. The Waterloo Region is full of Brilliant and Affable People that we are invested in, helping them connect to their Future Careers with Bright Companies.
  • What’s our background? Since 2001; for over 30,000 hours we have been entrenched in SEO, WordPress and Web Design. Competing Successfully in; Refurbished Computer Hardware, Unlimited Cell Phone Plans, Online Restaurant Menus and Online Print Spaces.
  • What motivates us? Feedback from Companies and Candidates is one of our greatest motivators; it guides and encourages us to work diligently to provide the best end user experience – with the most security and confidentiality available. Please Contact Us with your Constructive Feedback. Thank you in advance.